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Lesson 5.2 Assignment Downtown And Uptown Answers Yahoo

ok.. its obvious that those terms aren't locked to geographical location right... cause a ppl can live uptown ad be classified as "downtown" or vice versa, so it based on their vibe, personality etc.

altho, geographical location is highly affecting in jamaica, therefore, a girl living downtown with an "uptown" attitude is probably really "downtown" indeed, and that part of her may come out when she's angry, letting her guard down etc.

usually uptown girls are classified by: brown skin (obviously not all), rich, most time dont tek bus, maybe have a car by age 18.. tho thats really uptown. usually long relaxed hair, salon every weekend. when them go uwi etc them party girl, always dressed up and all glammed.. classified as freaks cause they usually stray to the bisexual, oral sex loving type of girls. they twang too, they dont try to speak like a normal jamaican, but sugar coat their accents with usa phrases such as "and like", "omg" etc etc.. usually dont know ho to do chores because they have helpers etc.

downtown girls may be classified as "butu" in an uptown setting. they speak creole, no sweetening. they style and fasion is usually dif from uptown girls where jamaican fashion is dif from new york fashion for that season. their hairstyles will differ likewise... certain disciplines are instilled in them such as gay is wrong, oral sex is wrong. even tho this doesnt say that they arent just as bisexual, lesbian or "freaky" as any other... uptown girls are more bold and OUT THERE with their "freakiness"
downtown girl listen more danchall music than uptown girls. usually wear less make up. generally more skilled in cleaning cooking etc

Source(s): i am a downtown girl in an uptown world

spice_fuel68 · 9 years ago

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Take heart, parents perplexed by the explanations required with the Common Core method (why isn’t 5 + 5 + 5 the same thing as 5 x 3 again?!). A first-grader who illustrated his critical thinking (literally) on a math question was given credit for the riotous original response. 

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Six-year-old Dash correctly answered on his worksheet that “Bobby,” who has four dimes, has more money than “Amy,” who has 30 pennies. But when he jotted down his response to the next question, “How do you know? Show your thinking,” the brainy boy didn’t use numbers. He sketched a picture of himself scratching his head, with a thought bubble and the answer inside of it. “This is why my kid is going places,” the boy’s mom captioned a photo of the assignment, which she shared on Reddit Wednesday. As for how many people agree, you do the math: The photo on imgur has been viewed a stunning 5.5 million times. 

Artist and mathematician Dash (Photo: Courtesy of the family)

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“In Dash’s mind, he was just answering the question,” his mother, Fiona, tells Yahoo Parenting of her son (whose last name she prefers to keep private, along with hers). “He didn’t understand why we laughed so hard at it. We had to actually explain what was so funny about the picture to him. Then he understood immediately.” Dash’s teacher appreciated the response the moment that she saw it. “She thinks he is a very smart boy and loves having him in class,” says Fiona. “He received a 100 percent on the test and the word ‘Wow’ written at the top.” 

Fiona and Dash (Photo: Courtesy of the family)

Dash wasn’t intentionally being a wiseguy — after all, the mom (aka Redditor “Irishchck14”) wrote in response to a commenter’s question on the social media site about whether her son’s snark was intentional: “Not at 6 years old. His smart-a**ery comes naturally.” And when another commenter added, “I hope you framed this. It deserves more than just a place on the fridge!” Fiona confirmed that they’re saving the paper. 

“His dad and I are incredibly proud of him,” she tells Yahoo Parenting of the boy who, she reveals, comes home from school almost every day and starts drawing pictures. “He blows our mind with his intelligence and creativity.”

Dash (Photo: Courtesy of the family)

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