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Cis 105 Lesson 11 Homework

 Attendance - Online Students: Class is asynchronous which means anytime, anywhere. But attendance is required in this class.To ensure that the course is completed as planned, and that students are ready to take exams as scheduled, online students should follow the week to week schedule. Students should be sure to note the due date for each assignment, quiz, and discussion board questions. This is not a self-paced course. Your response to the discussion questions and your participation in the discussions with your classmates will be considered attendance in the class.  You must log in and post your quality answer to the discussion question that is posted by your instructor.  Your response to the discussion questions should be posted by Wednesday, Midnight. each week.  You are to post a response to a least two other learners' responses by Monday, Midnight each week. If you do not respond in the discussion web board forum for two consecutive weeks, you can be withdrawn from the class. At this time, online students will not have to come in to have exams or quizzes administered by a proctor. However, online student must complete the quizzes and exams during the scheduled week. There will not be any make-up quizzes or exams unless you have an excused absence. There will be no makeup of the final exam. I do plan to withdraw online students that fall behind.

Attendance - In-Class and Hybrid/Blended Learning Students:  Attendance is mandatory.I cannot help you if you are not here. Class starts ON TIME so be ON TIME for class.  If an individual is tardy more than once, points will be deducted for each infraction. Students who fail to attend the first scheduled class meeting, or to contact the instructor regarding absence before the first scheduled class meeting may, at the option of the instructor, be withdrawn.  A faculty member has the option of withdrawing a student who has accumulated unofficial absences in excess of the number of times a class meets per week.  For instance, if the class meets twice a week, you will only be allowed two unofficial absences. Students who have done well previously in CIS105 have attended every class and have been on time or have logged on frequently to get online class updates and instruction. Only official absences as stated in the student handbook can be considered an excused absence.  You will be working in groups and your success and the group's success will be dependent upon your participation.  If you are going to be absent, call or email me prior to class.  You can call anytime and leave a message on my voice mail. An extended illness or emergency will require a doctor’s note or other official documentation for consideration of an excused absence. In addition to calling me when you are absent, you will want to call a member of your group.  Please exchange phone numbers with your group members.  Remember, you are responsible for any work that you miss due to an absence or tardiness.  In many instances, points are lost because group work cannot be made up.

Note: You may be withdrawn from class for excessive absences or failure to participate online, or if you fall too far behind.

Students should come to class prepared with all reading materials and assignments completed in advance of the class period. The class builds upon lessons and concepts from prior class periods and online assignments. Therefore, it is imperative that you come prepared for the discussion. Not all of the assigned reading material will be discussed in class. Lack of classroom discussion does not alleviate you from your responsibility for the material.

Participation in the online discussions and classroom activities are essential elements of the learning process. It is important you participate substantively in the discussion of the issues at hand. Just saying "I agree" is not sufficient to get a participation grade. Each of you has something important to say about the issues that will be brought up in this class, the topics covered in our reading material, or the evaluation of case materials, and we need your sharing of this information with the remainder of the class. Your comments should demonstrate the depth of your preparation.

 Food, drinks, smoking, and chewing tobacco are not allowed in our computer labs or classrooms.

Cell phones, pagers, and Ipods/MP3 players must be turned off and put away during class. Classroom computers are only to be used during in-class lab times and only for class assignments. Unless it is part of the lecture time activity assigned by the instructor, do not use the computer. When using the computer do not surf on the web or write personal emails, etc. Consequences include but are not limited to loss of participation points, extra assignments, and/or being asked to leave the classroom.

If you are continually late in submission of assignments or if you stop coming to class without officially withdrawing, you will be subject to withdrawal from the course.  Students must actively participate in the class to receive a letter grade. Students who do not participate in coursework will receive a "W" or a "Y" . If you participate in coursework and are unable to continue in the class, you must notify me if you want to be withdrawn. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor if the student needs to be withdrawn for reasons other than non-compliance/attendance.  The student must not assume that the instructor will automatically withdraw a student. No student may be withdrawn from the course with a passing W grade without prior approval as well as signature from the instructor.  I will not withdraw anyone with a W during the last two weeks of class. Incompletes are given only for serious illnesses (a doctor's note is required) or extenuating circumstances. See the MCC schedule for exact dates and instructions on how to withdraw from classes, last day to withdraw with a full refund, etc.

If you fall behind and have 3 assignments outstanding, I plan to withdraw you. It is to your benefit to keep up, and students are rarely able to catch up.

I will not carry students on the roster that are behind to meet financial aid or other requirements, and I will not issue a grade of "F" if the student is withdrawn for not meeting the course requirements. Students must fully participate in the courses in which they are enrolled.

Note: For the college refund policy, please go to:

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