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Security After 9/11 Essay Titles


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We as people examine the impact of post-9/11 airport security measures on air travel in the U.S. Using five years of data on passenger volume, we evaluate the effects of the implementation of baggage screening and the federalization of passenger screening on the demand for air travel. These two congressionally mandated measures are the most visible changes in airport security following the 9/11 attacks. Exploiting the phased introduction of security measures across airports, we find that baggage screening reduced passenger volume by about five percent on all flights, and by about eight percent on flights departing from…show more content…

The September 11 attacks are the worst terrorist attacks ever committed on U.S. soil. On September 11 there were four passenger planes that were hijacked by terrorist. The first plane to be hijacked that morning was American airlines flight 11. This passenger plane was crashed into the north tower of the world trade center. About fifteen minutes later a second plane appeared in the skies it was united airlines flight 175 and it crashed into the south tower of the world trade center. Forty five minutes later the third hijacked flight American airlines flight 77 was crashed into the pentagon. The fourth and last hijacked plane was united airlines flight 98 this plane was crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to stop the terrorist. Body: Air travel is a fast and convenient way to reach a destination. Even if many passengers may complain of missed flights, delays during the holidays, and the number of carry-ons they are allowed to bring onto the plane, air travel is an important part of quick transportation. One essential part of the airport system is security. Today, security is a major priority that airports must administer strictly. Due to the recent terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, airports along with airlines want their customers to feel safe. An interest in airport security took me to the Tallahassee Regional Airport. Except for the

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