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Asus Rt-N56u Vs Rt-N66u Comparison Essay

Netgear’s R7000P is a dual-band, three-stream 802.11ac router with simple, functional, load-balancing band steering, which minimizes frustration by automatically distributing your connected devices between the router’s two wireless bands. That means right out of the box it will work better than any router you’ve ever had, and you’ll never have to decide which band to connect to.

The R7000P features noticeably longer range than previous Nighthawk routers on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and its full-featured Web interface is easy for novice and expert users alike. Add in the simple setup and powerful band steering, and it’s the best router for most people.

The Asus RT-AC3200 offers excellent, reliable performance on all three bands, at both short and long (extremely long, in the case of the 5 GHz radios) ranges. For power users (I use it as a reference router), it also has the most advanced monitoring tools I’ve ever seen in a consumer router, producing the kinds of easy-to-read and comprehensive graphs you’d usually have to install third-party firmware to get, so you can easily diagnose network problems and track down which wireless devices are bandwidth hogs. But compared with our top pick, getting the RT-AC3200’s band steering working required a ton of tweaking—and because until you figure it out you’ll have to connect to the router’s three bands on three separate SSIDs—for most people, the added frustration required to make this router work as well as it can work isn’t worth it.

Not everyone needs a $200 router. If you live in a small apartment or single-story home, or you just can’t spend the extra money, the Netgear R6700 will give you great throughput throughout your space for half the price of our main pick. Like most of Netgear’s Nighthawk series, including the R7000P, the R6700 features a smartphone-grade dual-core CPU, solid range, an easy-to-navigate interface, and handy extra features like a VPN server and a USB port for hard drives and printers. Unlike the R7000P and RT-AC3200, it lacks band steering, and its range is noticeably shorter on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. If you have any area in your home separated from the router by 30 feet and two or more walls, you’ll see noticeably better and more reliable performance with the R7000P.

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Hi! (I hope I posted in the correct category)

So it is time for a new router because the old one does not support my new fiber speed.

I am thinking about the Asus RT-N56U vs RT-N66U.

The specs says It is not much difference but in price there is quite a difference.

Now the status is that I ordered both of them to ship home to the post office and I can choose which to take out (I didn't pay for them, yet, I pay later when I get the product). I actually tried to cancel the N66U but they told me that they already started to ship it to me just a few hours after I ordered it. And besides that I ordered the N56U because I thought they canceled the other one. great!

So when I go to the post office I can choose one of these two routers. The one I do not choose will get shipped back for free to the ship two weeks later from the post office.

So which one do you recommend?. Note that I would pay 799 SEK for the N56U and 1190 SEK for the N66U. I want specific reasons why the one you choose is better?. I will mainly use cable since my computer don't even support Wifi. And Wifi will be usen for Laptops etc...