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Part Time Jobs Essays

Nowadays, more students are doing part-time jobs while at university because working alongside studies would provide them with favorable opportunities. Although some people argue that part-time work can have a negative impact on studies, I still believe that there are lots of reasons for taking on part-time work.

Firstly, working would help students fill gaps in their knowledge, especially for practical knowledge which they may not acquire completely at their schools. For example: A final-year law student should apply for a part-time job as a paralegal in a law firm whereby they could get acquainted with real-life situations rather than law cases in theory. In fact, people learn the best by their experience as the saying goes: "Experience is the best teacher".

Secondly, taking a part-time job is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability. For example: Before an exam, the student needs much time to prepare carefully, but the manager will not accept to pay for a staff who do not devote all their time to working. Therefore, they could cope with some difficulties which would require their strong determination. On the other hand, the students should take this opportunity to show their ability to balance between studying and working, which would develop their profiles to apply for scholarships or other jobs thereafter.

Thirdly, students could obtain the necessary finance to afford their living and studying. The wages would help them cover personal expenses, such as: tuition fees, books, living costs. Because tuition fees at top schools are usually very high, the needy students will have to do part-time jobs to achieve their education dreams. In fact, many famous people experienced hardships before becoming extremely successful, for example: Oprah Winfrey, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, etc.

In conclusion, I believe that students should do a part-time job because they could get valuable experience of working, along with necessary finance for their studies. Despite obstacles, students could grasp this chance to prove their ability. So why don't we take a part-time job to look at how different the real world is ?

There is much debate nowadays concerning students and part-time jobs, whether they are a good thing or bad. Part time jobs can take time away from schoolwork, true, but students who work 10 to 15 hours a week during the school year earn higher grades than students who don’t work at all. I strongly encourage students to seek out part-time employment. Part-time jobs for students are good because they teach time management, responsibility and set students up for the world of work. Part- time jobs for students helps teach young people good time management. Learning how to manage time in respect to keeping plans, school schedules and work schedules organized, and forcing them to follow a steady schedule and be places on time, with consequences in a way that no other experiences may teach them, is best taught by a part-time job. I personally have a part-time job; I work at a farm at 6am every weekend morning. Having a part-time job has taught me time management like nothing else has before. Forcing me to prioritize plans and extracurricular activities has turned out to be quite an asset, and helps me in my everyday life, as it will in my future. Along with time management, part-time jobs teach students responsibility. Responsibility is a very important trait which is taught by part-time jobs.

Students with part-time jobs learn how to be responsible. Steve Jobs accredits his success in the world of work to his part-time job at McDonalds in his youth. Part-time jobs give students a duty and obligation to satisfactorily perform and complete tasks and take responsibility for their actions. Students will learn to better handle their time and money at a younger age when faced with the responsibility that part-time jobs provide and ask for. Unlike school, part-time jobs demand a sort of trial based idea; with school, students may get away with tardiness, or absences, while with jobs, students will be faced with docked pay, or perhaps even being fired- a much more grave, eye opening consequence than school provides- and teenagers learn to be responsible as a whole, thanks to this. This type of responsibility sets teenagers up for the world of work. As well as teaching time management and responsibility, part-time jobs set young adults up for the world of work.

Most part-time jobs ask for little to no experience, are easy to obtain and add to your future résumé, for when you do apply for jobs that require previous experience, later on in your career. Part-time employment teaches you skills and experience which you could learn nowhere else, such as: how to fill out an application, how to interview well, how to work responsibly, and how to get along with co-workers and superiors, as well as many other qualities that will set you apart from other applicants while applying to more important jobs, farther along in life. Part-time jobs are as essential to further you in your future career path, as watering a plant is for its growth. In conclusion, part-time jobs are highly suggested for students in high school, or University. Part-time jobs teach students many assets such as time management, responsibility, and sets young adults up for the world of work.