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Help With Ict Gcse Coursework

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a two year Program in the UK; this is the end of compulsory school in the UK.

GCSE grades will help shape your prospective steps; it depends on what you want to do in the future.

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GCSEs are primarily targeted at secondary school pupils, but are also suitable for adult returners as well. GCSE Information and Communication Technology helps students develop their knowledge of current and emerging technologies , a range of ICT tools and techniques and society’s use of ICT.

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GCSE Applied ICT requires students to complete two pieces of coursework: one based on Unit 2: ICT in Organis ations and one based on Unit 3: ICT and Society. More details on the coursework components is included below.

Unit 2 Coursework

There are four parts to the Unit 2 coursework assignment.

Students must carry out an investigation of an organisation (or department in a large organisation) and produce a portfolio that includes a report on:

  1. the different purposes for which the organisation/department uses ICT; and
  2. the ICT system used in the organisation/department and how it meets the needs identified in part (a).

Students must also design and implement an ICT system. They must include the following information in their portfolio:

  1. a design specification for the system, including information sources, input, process and output requirements and the types of application software needed; and
  2. evidence that they have successfully implemented, tested and evaluated the system, together with guidance for the user.

Unit 3 Coursework

Students need to produce an investigation of how ICT systems affect everyday life. They must produce a portfolio that includes reports on how ICT impacts:

  1. how the student does things at home and at school/college;
  2. an adult in employment, including the way it has an effect on his/her working style;
  3. a person with special/particular needs; and
  4. their local community.

When investigating each of these different aspects of ICT, students must also consider:

  1. the legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT.

Students must make full use of ICT in the production of their portfolio. Work that is entirely handwritten will not gain any marks.

More information on coursework can be viewed in the full specification.