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One Day Cricket Match Essay

A Cricket Match

Essay No. 01

Last year we played a match which I will long to remember. It was played at the invitation of famous Cantonment Cricket Eleven.

We reached the Cantonment Club. George, the skipper of the other teams shook hands with our captain. He led the party to the field. Our captain lost the toss. We then our positions in the field. Near the stumps lay the red ball.

The batting began. Stout long man came in to bat. He played for a few minutes only and was then caught. One wicket was down with no runs! We were all so excited. Was the opposite team going to be defeated so easily? Presently the second batsman appeared. His very first stroke showed him a skilled player. His batting was firm and swift. He began piling up runs. We did not lose heart. We changed our bowlers, alternating fast one with slow ones. At last our best bowler, Raj came forward. With his second ball he took the batsman by surprise. Before the batsman could strike the ball, it had clean struck one of the stumps.

The batting continued, but no other player of the opposite team played so well as the second. They paled a good game but our bowlers proved too strong for them. The sixth batsman seemed to be in good form. He added considerably to the score.  The Cantonment team were all out by lunch hour. The score stood at 207.

Lunch being over, the referee gave a whistle. The players stood in the field again. Now our side went in to bat. Our first  batsman made a poor start  a poor start. After cutting a fastball or two he seemed to lose his grip on the bat. He could not score many runs. Our two wickets fell in quick succession. Cricket  is a game of chance. So we thought it was too early to lose hope. As Ramesh, one of our best batsmen, went forward, we hoped he would recover lost ground. He started well, brought the score to 50 , but then a fast ball struck him on the face. He was carried away unconscious from the fields.

After brief interruption the game was resumed, our side went on batting, raising the score shanty our eighth batsman proved the hero of the day. With great confidence he hit back every ball for full two hours. He scored a century and twenty runs. Our score had already exceeded that of the opposite team. Before the stumps were drawn our captain declared at 375. The last man was not out.

Essay No. 2

A Cricket Match

A Cricket Test match is a great show anywhere in the world. Thousands of men, women and children go to see it with pleasure; and millions more watch it on the television sets. It has become the number one game throughout the world. The international cricketers are the heroes of the present day. They attract enormous crowds millions of dollars by way of advertisements throughout the world. These events are sponsored  by the top –most companies of the world to earn a name and advertise their goods. The stadiums where the cricket is played are places worth- seeing. They are provided with all the  modern sophisticated equipment to  ensure full safety and proper telecast of the event throughout world live. The cricketers are treated state guests and the sponsors give out lots of prizes and awards to the outstanding performers in the game.

There are very few people who are not  interested in the game. The young and the old, women and children equally take interest in watching cricket. It has given rise to a  strange cricket culture. Lots of young boys dream to become successful cricketers and devote all their time and energy to learn  the skills of batting and blowing. Even women cricketers are showing their talents overboard. There are regular women cricket clubs which give enough chances to young girls to enter the field of cricket. Soon there will be International women cricket matches held as the competitions are already being held on the national level. India has also produced many renowned cricketers who have proved their worth no less than the best cricketers of the world.           

Whenever there is an international cricket match held in any Indian city the whole city wears a festive look. There is nothing except cricket everywhere. Almost all the roads lead to the cricket field. The work in all private and Government offices comes almost to a stop. The students of schools and colleges go for a voluntary holiday and try to get a seat among the spectators or watch the events on the televisions. The police and the security personnel have to face very hard time in controlling mobs outside the stadium. The event turns to be much  more joyful if the host team turns to be victorious. The joy of the people knows no bounds. The Indian cricketers are welcomed by bursting lots of crackers and even the illuminations, at night. There are long discussions on all the households. Bus- stops restaurants and the like about the performers are praised beyond limits. There is always a hero of the day in a particular cricket match. He can be either a bowler or a batsman and he is called “the man of the match”. Unfortunately some negative trends have cropped up in this money by some vested interests to deliberately lose their game. This called “Match – Fixing”. This unusual activity has been recently unearthed and some very famous players have been found involved. This has lowered the status of the game and the players too much. Let us see how the development affects the prestige of the game.


Essay No. 03


A Cricket Match

I am the Captain of my school cricket team. Our school arranged a learned coach a few months ago to groom our team in the art of Playing. Accordingly. I can boast with humility that our team is quite prepared to match any other cricket team in this area of our State.

Lest anybody should deem my assertion an empty boast, I here describe a match which our team played with a rival team recently.

It is a matter of just Sunday last. I had invited the team of the local government school to play a friendly match with our school team. The match was played in our school playground. Our team won the toss. We decided to bat first. All the players on both sides and the umpires and the referee took up their positions.

The referee blew the whistle and the match started. Our openers Punk and Amit reached the pitch with beaming faces. As the first ball was thrown by the bowler, Praveen, Punit sent the ball swirling towards the boundary. Clearly, it was a fourer. The playground which was packed to capacity, resounded with applause.

In this way, Punit amassed thirty six runs. There was suddenly a note of dismay when he was caught out by Keshev of the rival team. Amit , however, continued. He played slowly and continuously. He scored 29 runs before he was bowled out.

Before lunch our team had scored 202 runs in all in 40 overs. After lunch, the rival team started batting. Our team realized that the rival team was not that weak as we had thought them to be. Soon, they scored 53 runs.

My mates began to show the signs of getting unnerved. But I bucked them up. I also brushed up fielding by changing the players. Suddenly, our crack bowler, Sandeep, showed his mettle when he felled down four wickets in quick succession.

The rival team crashed like a house of cards and finished at 172 in 37 overs. We won the match. All the team members hugged one another. There was rejoicing all around as the place hummed with the slogans ! “Hurrah !” “Hurrah !”

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      Game is a game ; one must play it in the spirit of game.                                 

— Anonymous


                Cricket is a game known for its wonderful glories, fluctuating fortunes and tantalizing suspense.  It is popular with men and women of all ages and almost all times.  Whenever there is a cricket match, people crowd the playing fields in thousands or sit glued to their television sets for days.  A cricket match used to be a long drawn out affair.  But things changed with the introduction of one-day matches.

                The one day matches made cricket so popular that cricket players came to be celebrated more than the heroines or the heroes for the world of the theater.  Various advertising companies hired the services of some of these players on fat payments.  Some of the players developed a craze for instant with the bookies who used to stake huge fortunes over the result of the matches.  The controversy arising out of the match-fixing is still fresh in every mind and charges and counter charges are being looked into by the authorities.  Some players in some countries have already been found guilty and punished.  All this is certainly against the very spirit of the game.

                From instant coffee to instant cricket, the journey has not been very long.  In this jet age everything fast is acceptable and anything moving at a slow pace is instantly rejected by the people.  Only 30 years ago in the seventies, the five-day cricket matches inspired a lot of interest.  Though the majority of these matches ended in a draw, yet they did cause a lot of excitement.  Today a 5-day cricket match no longer holds the interest of the people to that extent.  Far from it, it is being termed as out-dated or boring.

                What has come to be known as one-day cricket or instant cricket, has very effectively replaced the traditional five-day matches.  Today in most of the world tournaments, it is only the one-day cricket that rules the roost.  This particular kind of match cannot exceed a day as each team plays only limited overs.  That is why it is also called limited overs cricket.  Each team plays a fixed number of overs and tries to score the maximum runs, without caring much for the fall of wickets.  It is only the runs that not much time to contemplate or to watch.  The entire atmosphere is filled with excitement throughout the match.  The match moves with speed and there is action all through.  Either the wickets fall or the runs keep coming in.  There is movement, spirit, action and fun all over the field.

                This kind of cricket has certainly caught the fancy of the people.  The result of game is out by evening and the suspense is over.

                There is no need to wait for five days for the outcome of the result.  Time flies very fast in such matches.  These days people do not have many days to spare for entertainment.  In the good old days, people used to take things in a leisurely way and kept watching a cricket match for days on end.  The matches used to be quite slow because the intention of every player was to stick to the wicket for as long as possible and score slowly at ease.  There was hardly any action in majority of the matches.

                It is because of these factors only that there was a swift change to instant cricket.  In one-day matches people can relish the game without having to wait for the result of five or six long days.  Fours and sixes have become a common feature in instant cricket.  In a matter of a few hours only, more than 600 runs are often hit up by both the teams.  Runs flow off the bat like autumn leaves while wickets fall like nine pins.  Spectators demand a six every now and then.  Instant cricket has attracted people of all ages.  Once the series starts, there is hardly any work done in the offices.  Students miss classes and office-goers miss their work.  Everybody sits glued to his or her television set to watch the game.  Instant cricket has caught on like wild fire.  It thrills every soul, young or old.  Time is not far off when 5-day matches will become a thing of the past only.

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