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Essays On The Powers Of The Human Mind

Mind is frequently associated with the brain, thus it is usually considered as a substance. However, mind in it’s truest essence is more than a substance, it is a power or a capacity. Human mind makes a person unique from the rest of other living organisms. Although animals has it’s own capacity, it is only man who is capable rational thinking and deliberately acting upon his thoughts, which is further makes man a superior living organism.

The mind is the underlying component of human intelligence, wherein it includes the acts of thinking, feeling and action. In order the mind to do specific things or activities there are different aspects to consider which requires complex power. The sense and perceptual aspect corresponds to man’s capacity to become aware of any stimulus and making an interpretation from the stimulus presented. It is in this aspect that man is able to directly interact with his world. On the other hand, the affective aspect of mind is concerned with feelings and emotions, which are significant in realizing and understanding the reasons behind man’s behavior and action. This aspect molds or shapes up man to the fullest. Cognitive aspect of the mind is frequently given much emphasis or focus other than any aspect, due to the wrong notion that human intelligence lies on only on this aspect. However, intelligence can only be achieved if all the aspects of mind are functioning well. The development of mind is attributed to the proper coordination and functioning of all aspects. This is the reason why nowadays it is not only the Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) which is given importance but also the Emotional Quotient (E.Q.) of an individual. Another aspect is the volition, which includes the act of choosing, deciding made by one’s own will. It is in this aspect that authenticity of man is being developed. To become authentic one has to be matured enough and able to handle commitments or responsibility within a relationship. To become mature, one should have the enough will power to accept mistakes and learn from those mistakes. In committing oneself to a human relationship will power is needed to accept both the annoying and pleasurable feelings within the relationship.



The will power to love someone is not feeling in love to that person but caring for that person even at those times that he/she is hard to love and even the feeling of being in love has already disappeared. The sub-conscious aspect of the mind corresponds to one’s own dream, desires, and wishes of human. Basically this refers to Sigmund Freud’s Psycho-analytic theory which consists the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id corresponds to the pleasurable feelings of man; the Ego corresponds to the reality or the objective world of man and the Superego serves as the moral armband of personality thus striving for perfection rather than pleasurable one.

The reason behind human mind’s superiority is because of the fact that it is spiritual. Spirituality of the mind enables man to perform intelligent acts. Moreover, mind’s superiority is based on several reasons; since the mind influences behavior, each actions performed by human has its purpose although some animals may also possess such characteristics, human’s purpose is goal oriented which is different from animals which is more on responding only to stimulus therefore action precipitated. Another reason is that human mind is intentional. This refers to the capacity of the mind to perceive things in deeper perspective or being objective that further leads to being subjective when more meaning is taken thus creating a cultural or a projective belief.

Dialogical power of mind is another indicator of its superiority since it is only human who are capable of performing dialogues or interaction. This not only corresponds to a simple conversation but also a subjective dialogue that will further leads to the formation of fruitful relationships. The mind has also the freedom, thus he is capable of doing actions that he prefers to do.

Several studies has been performed to attempt whether human mind can be replaced by cyber mind, although it has only been based on the degree rather the quality, no study so far can prove that cyber mind can over power the mind. Although there would be similarities to some extent still there are great difference. A computer does not have any emotion or feeling, which is one of the aspects of human mind that connects him to his world. Computers are not capable of developing relationships since it cannot perform a subjective dialogue. Considering the cognitive aspect, we may be mislead by the fact that computers or cyber mind has the capacity to retrieve data, store memory and programming capacity like the human mind but it cannot over rule the non-formalized aspect of mind which basically refers to creativity. Furthermore computers are not aware or self conscious unlike humans who are aware of the external environment, what only the cyber mind is aware of is the data being input in it. The fact that cyber mind is created by a human mind indicates briefly that human mind is more than superior to it.

Since mind is considered as a power it is our responsibility to enhance such power. Furthermore, in order to enhance our capacity we should not focus only into one aspect of mind, let us remember that full development of the mind lies on the proper functioning and interaction of all aspects. In our day-to-day living our behaviors and actions are based on the power of mind, thus we are responsible in every act we did. There may be instances that we feel that we made the wrong decision, but it is still our responsibility to handle the situation. A well functioning individual who has a fully developed mind can handle consequences of having wrong decision in life. Those consequences may serve as a lesson for him and learn from that experience.

Forming or handling commitments is also a great indicator of a well-developed mind. Maturity is greatly needed in handling relationships in order to overcome the problems that may arise. Such power of human, which is the mind remains superior, thus we should use and develop our mind to the fullest rather wasting such gift or talent that God has given us.

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The Power Of The Mind Essay

Having a weakness does not make a man feeble. It is the man and his state of mind that allows experiencing weakness to make him inferior. Faced with two different dispositions the characters, Robert, from Cathedral, and Prufrock, from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, handle life’s obstacles with two different approaches. Robert, a born blind man, does not allow his inability to see to stop him from seeing the world. His blindness actually allows him to “see” and understand people better than if he did not have a visual impairment. On the other hand, Prufrock was born with no physical disability, but he allows his insecurities to make him a weaker man. Prufrock does not have the strength to endure in the outside world because he is trapped living in a pitiful self-loathing mentality.
Robert is a strong man who does not allow his visual impairment to stop him from living a full and succulent life. An important aspect to Robert’s life and independence is his job. He works for the social-security department. The fact that Robert has a job like this lets the reader perceive Robert as an independent and determined man. When the narrator listens to his wife and Robert catching up he learns that Robert has actually experienced a lot in his life. This is discussed when the narrator recaps, “Robert had done a little of everything, it seemed, a regular blind jack of all trades” (Page 83). Robert’s blindness doesn’t hold him back from being successful. However, Robert does need more assistance than others due to his handicap. He needed to hire an individual to read his work cases to him, which is how he meets the narrator’s wife. Robert appreciates everything that the narrator’s wife did for him and built a relationship with the narrator’s wife. This is established when the narrator says, “They became good friends, my wife and the blind man” (Page 77). The formulation of a friendship between Robert and the narrator’s wife allows the reader to assume that Robert is a compassionate man, who likes to know and understand his employees on a level of friendship rather than business. The narrator’s wife always comes to Robert when she needs to discuss her feelings. Robert created the idea of sending tapes to ensure that he can always be there for the narrator’s wife. The reader recognizes they are very close because she shares intimate details of her life such as, her suicide attempt and divorce. Robert travels on a train to visit his old friend, which is no easy task for a blind man. Robert tells the narrator that, “I (He) hadn’t been on a train in nearly forty years. Not since I (he) was a kid. With my folks” (Pg. 80). One must assume that Robert would not have just gotten on a train for just anyone, that it was special that he came on a train to see the narrator’s wife. Robert does not hesitate to try new things. On page 83, Robert agrees to smoke dope with the narrator. The intoxication of alcohol and marijuana allow Robert and the narrator to be on a...

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