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Vegetron Limited Case Study

BSCL Limited is a multi-million pound owner managed company offering national coverage throughout mainland UK. Established in 1980, the company provides a wide range of services within the datacoms and telecoms industry to both end users and primary service providers.

The Challenge

● Outdated technology with existing hosted solution causing significant performance issues for users across all branch offices
● Slow response to user and Network support issues
● Loss of faith in a fully hosted Network solution for users and management
● Licensing model did not offer flexibility to support changes to the number of users at short notice

The Solution

● BOM hosted Network solution with high availability, based on the latest and fastest technologies including Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Office 2013
● Three month trial provided on BOM hosted solution, including migration of BSCL live data, before the decision was made to move
● Fully managed solution, supported by the highly responsive BOM technical team

The Result

● BSCL users and staff have restored faith in fully hosted Network solution
● Applications perform as users need them to and productivity has increased
● BOM hosted solution provisions flexible licensing model where BSCL can add or reduce user count very quickly with subscription being amended accordingly on a monthly basis

Bizrate Insights Buyer Surveys: Eyes and Ears to the Ground

In June, 2014 The Limited implemented Bizrate Insights, a customer feedback platform that harnesses the power of the consumer voice. Today, The Limited receives ~1,000 completed surveys each week, providing insights into their customer experience that help them improve their IT, e-commerce,stores, promotions, planning, operations, merchandising, products and much more. The surveys collect “great feedback that we pass along to other departments in the company to backup taking action on fit, sizing, etc.” said Ms. Brooks. “The survey responses force us to listen to our customers, which is a good thing.”

We’re trying to do some of the little things that count with the great customer feedback we receive.
The Limited’s Supervisor,
Ecommerce Contact Center & Operations

Since customers provide their email address. The Limited sends personalized responses when appropiate. For instance, several customers commented that they would like to return petite sizes in-store – instead of just by mail- so The Limited changed its return policy. Then it emailed those customers to inform them.