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2014 Sullivan Supply Scholarship Winners Essay

The La Prix Award Application Form for 2018 has been posted.
Go to for application and more information.

In 2011, the announcement of the Embryos on Snow Award Program was made. The scholarship contest is titled “La Prix.” The sale’s commissionable proceeds, in addition to an initial sponsorship by TransOva Genetics, served as the first scholarship to be awarded. Currently LaPrix awards over $18,000 in cash awards. The program is currently funded by the commissionable proceeds from the sale and the EOS sponsors.

“La Prix” is an essay type contest that seeks to find the young people that have a great deal of ambition, knowledge and ability. The essay contest is not based on writing ability, rather on content, creativity and the future intent of a young person. An applicant may have any goal, collegiate major or career in mind.

Embryos on Snow is an elite auction featuring some of the best genetics in the seed stock business. The sale each January on Friday evening during “club calf weekend” at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. The auction consists of embryos from leading donor dams, as well as other select lots. The selection process is backed by the knowledge and past success of the marketing team and the breeders who helped start it. Many successful programs have lined the foundation of this impressive annual sale. Sale entry is by invitation and genetics featured in the Embryos on Snow are exclusive to this sale offering.

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