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Human Resources Manager Cover Letter

When it’s time to write your cover letter, it helps to have an example to aid you in framing your own thoughts. With a few easy guidelines and vital hints, our human resources manager cover letter example is here to assist you. Use these pointers to write a strong cover letter that can successfully sell you as a candidate.

  • Do demonstrate your skills and capabilities. It’s a good idea to review the job posting, drawing from it to highlight your strengths that specifically qualify you for the job.
  • Don’t overemphasize your educational background. In fact, there’s no real need to mention it at all. Focus on your talents, experience, and achievements instead.
  • Don’t mention your weaknesses. You’re trying to convince the hiring manager to read your resume and call you in for an interview, not talk him or her out of even giving you a chance.
  • Do use quantifiable metrics to show what you’ve achieved, as our human resource management professional has done in this example. Numbers tell a story, and they also show that you know the employer cares about performance and results.

Human Resources Manager Advice

Getting a job as a human resources manager requires the right training, experience, and a cover letter that shows your passion and readiness to do the job. The cover letter examples below highlight what you should consider including in an HR Manager cover letter. Choose from multiple templates to personalize your cover letter, and model your cover letter after the text in these cover letter examples. Take the next step today by creating your cover letter!

Cover Letter Tips for Human Resources Manager

Though the job market is constantly growing, shifting, and changing, job seekers can keep their eye on the prize by keeping a few consistent pieces of advice in mind. If you’re looking for jobs as a Human Resources Manager, remember a successful job search begins with the following.

1. A long term mindset is critical for keeping up a positive attitude during a job hunt. If you believe you are in it for the long haul, you mentally prepare yourself for the worst, while still hoping for the best.

2. Outline a sensible strategy for your job hunt, rather than diving headlong into the market. Resist the urge to scramble for any job you can get, and determine your ideal outcome before you work toward that specific goal.

3. Beef up your social media self. We’re not talking about selfies or status updates, but the more professional side of social media like LinkedIn, which you can upload your cover letter to and use to connect with future employers.

4. Make it your goal to talk to at least one person every day about your job search. This not only keeps it in the forefront of your mind, but connects you with potentially valuable contacts.

5. Explore new occupations in the same industry, or even new occupations in a new industry. Reinvent yourself, but transfer your skills so that you will appeal to the largest amount of employers.

Human Resources Manager Job Seeking Tips

You may be just getting started looking for your first job after college, or you may be nearing the end of your prolific career and desiring to finish it out on a high note. Regardless of your particular circumstances, a cover letter is critical to presenting yourself in the best light possible to find a job as a Human Resources Manager.

1. Skip over irrelevant information, such as hobbies, personal information, and skills you no longer want to use or are no longer useful.

2. But do include things like sports experience, which many employers look favorably on because of the drive and competitiveness it indicates.

3. Unless it’s specifically required, don’t list references on your cover letter.

4. Never hand off your cover letter without proofreading it. Ideally, have several pairs of eyes look it over for errors and typos.

5. Pick a cover letter design specific to a worker in your industry, and tweak it to represent you.

Sheila Williams
21 Terrace Heights
Templeton NSW 2500
T: 0411 111 111


Joe Hunter
Senior Consultant
MC Smith
13 Pivot Place
Staffsville NSW 2000

Dear Mr Hunter

Re: Human Resources Manager position

I am writing to apply for the position of Human Resources Manager, as advertised on SEEK.

I am an outcome-oriented Human Resources specialist who has worked in various senior HR positions to assist companies in achieving sustainable business growth and a positive operating culture.

I have a demonstrated ability to manage the demands of employee recruitment, training and termination, as well as the day-to-day requirements of remuneration management, Occupational Health and Safety, and industrial relations issues. My qualifications and professional development have contributed to my ability to manage these diverse responsibilities, but I believe it is my interpersonal skills and open-door policy that have driven my success in fostering strong long-term workplace processes and relationships.

In my current and previous positions I have been responsible for driving the learning and development of both the management team and the general staff. I always aim to support and coach the team with positivity to encourage engagement and shape the culture of the organisation.

A key skill I have acquired is the ability to successfully develop, implement and manage new HR systems and procedures. I enjoy the challenge of integrating a new system and working with the wider HR team to ensure a smooth and improved workflow. I have a proactive management style with the ability to drive significant change management activities.

I am highly computer literate and have managed projects that required solid IT skills, such as the design and implementation of print and online marketing collateral.I approach all my work with an enthusiastic, professional attitude and look forward to utilising my skills in a new and challenging environment.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and experience with you in further detail.

Yours sincerely,

[Sign here]

Sheila Williams