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Role Of Electronic Media In Pakistan Essay

Negative and Positive Role of Media in Pakistan Essay; No one can deny with this fact that media of Pakistan is playing an enormous big role in bringing the positive impact on the minds of the Pakistan. It do help the nation of the Pakistan in order to give their mind with some mode of awareness. Media is basically divided into two main sectors mentioning with electronic media and print media. Print media is known out to be the oldest media in this history. If we talk about the media of the Pakistan then they are usually act in the freedom modes. On the side of the electronic media, you would be finding with so many channels that are working on the news and along with the sports and entertainment channels.

Role of Media in Pakistan Society:

As being one of the major parts of the society, it is vitally important that they should be highlighting with some of the issues that are coming out to be best for the sake of the public and discourage unethical factors of the society. It is the responsibility of the media that they should be staying back as sensitive enough so that they should be presenting the news that is against the sentiments of the nation and citizens. They should have a complete know how related with the norms, values and culture.

Positive Side of Media in Pakistan Society:

Media has been bringing out with great sum of the improvements in order to hence give the nation with the knowledge of public and communicates all the happenings to the public. It is the responsibility of the media that they should not be making the use of any kind of the negative tools to increase their viewership. At the same time, media also let the nation get some of the knowledge that is related with the religions and cultures from all over the world. In simple through the media, a citizen gets to know that what is their actual role while living inside the society.

Does Media Has Any Negative Impacts on Society?

Any developed and best thing has two sides i.e. positive and negative. Same is the case with the media as well. Most of the times it do happen that media leave the negative highlights on their news that do produce the negative outcomes on the viewers. If media is broadcasting any drama or the video then they should broadcast it by keeping in mind its results on the spectators.

Hence on the whole we can say that if media do make the use of its powers in positive aspects then no one can stop the media of the Pakistan to be the main reason of Pakistan development.


Role of media in PakistanApril 29, 2010

History of Media in Pakistan

Print is the oldest media of mass communication. Newspapers can reach greater masses of  public. They allow readers to control exposure. This not only gives us the facts about anevent or issue but also explains and interprets them.In 1947, Pakistan inherited a weak press with very little law for controlling and regulating the pres. Very few news [après were published in the newly born Pakistan. In East Pakistan andBaluchistan not a single newspaper was published. The NWFP had two daily papers. Newspapers owned by Muslims came to Pakistan. These include Daily Azad and morningnews (shifted to Dhaka), Dawn, jang and anjam (set up in Karachi)After independence, a number of newspapers were published but due to financial constraintand many other reasons, their publication did not continue i.e. Roshni, inqallqb, musalman.English press was not so healthy at the time of independence due to educational under development. Not a single daily newspaper could be published from the area of East Pakistanfrom 1947 till 1971.The first news agency of Pakistan was associated press of Pakistan (APP). It was establishedin 1947by an Eastern news trust. It was a private agency from 1947 to 1961. Governmenttook over its control on 5


June 1961 by an ordinance called “Associated Press of Pakistantaking ordinance 1961”Other than APP, there are six more news agencies: Pakistan Press International (1968),Pakistan Agency (1992), News Network International (1992) and United News Agency(UNA).

Pakistan broadcasting corporation

At the time of independence, there were only three radio stations in Lahore, Peshawar andDhaka in Pakistan. Radio Pakistan Lahore broadcasted the news of independence Pakistan on14


1947.Pakistan broad Casting Corporation was established in dec 1972. It has board of directorsconsisting of a chairman, a director general and six directors.

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