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Photographer Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Photography Assistant Cover Letter

Photography Assistants provide support to photographers with various aspects of their work. Their responsibilities range from scouting locations to providing instructions to models. Examples of Photography Assistant duties include maintaining equipment, securing locations, carrying props, setting up lighting, holding reflectors, changing lenses, filing photographs, preparing invoices, taking phone calls, and welcoming clients. A good Photography Assistant is the one able to anticipate the photographer’s needs and provide excellent customer service.

A well-written cover letter sample for Photography Assistant should focus on the following job skills:

  • Photography training and experience
  • Knowledge of photography equipment
  • Administrative skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • A professional manner
  • Being able to work under pressure
  • Time management
  • Computer competences
  • Telephone etiquette

The example cover letter provided below highlights comparable job skills and experience.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Photography Assistant Resume Samples.

Dear Ms. McCain:

As a skilled, ambitious, and detail-driven professional with rigorous training and education in photography, coupled with key experience supporting photographers in managing shooting sessions for a variety of clients, I am well positioned to make a significant impact as your next Photography Assistant.

My experience includes setting up backgrounds, lighting, and props for shoots comprising weddings, family reunions, birthdays, maternity, and other special occasions while working closely with the lead photographer to ensure a smooth and consistent workflow. With my strong knowledge of various photography equipment and editing software programs—along with my excellent communication and time management skills—I am confident that my talents will significantly benefit your business.

Highlights of my experience include:

  • Assisting lead photographers in location scouts, accessory setup, lighting, client positioning, processing, and printing, always striving to anticipate photographers’ needs and ensure seamless photo shoots, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Honing my abilities in both traditional film and digital photography processes, equipment, and methods; photo evaluation and editing; and final product delivery.
  • Performing comprehensive editing tasks including crop, retouch, level, tone, white balance, and photo manipulation.
  • Preparing to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography, and demonstrating proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Light Room, Aperture, and Capture 1.

With my keen ability to support and complete challenging photography projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch quality and production, I am prepared to excel in providing outstanding photography services to you as your next Photography Assistant. I look forward to discussing the position, and my qualifications, in further detail.

Thank you for your consideration.


Grant M. Ricks

Photography Assistant Cover Letter

A resume sent along with a cover letter will surely make a difference in the recruitment process. If you write an appealing and self-explanatory over letter along then the recruiter need not spend much time reading your resume. He can easily analyze your credential that can be a benefit for his organization as in a cover letter you are supposed to highlight your exceptional qualities. You can easily write a photography cover letter if you know the requirements of the employers and can put them perfectly in your cover letter.

Photographer Assistant Job Description:

Photographer assistants need to be creative and experiment with newer and advanced photography techniques. To work as a photographer or assistant photographer one has to attend classes of photography. There are usually summer internship programs of photography. Experience will help bring perfection in this field. People who specialize in fine arts, advertising, editorial photography, fashion photography and social photography can also work as photographer assistants in the initial stages of their career. They can then work as independent photographers after getting enough experience in this field.

Sample Photography Assistant Cover Letter

Ana Robert
478 Amine Street
Wisconsin - 72829
E-mail id.:
Contact number: 368-638-0990

Date: August 10, 2011

Martin Luther
Fashion Photographer
Mallon Fashion Magazine
Wisconsin - 54777 USA

Subject: Application for the position of photography assistant Reference: Advertisement in Mallon Fashion Magazine

Dear Martin,

I was always looking for an opportunity to work with you, the national award winner and the world's best photographer. I am confident that my photography skills and eye towards detailing in photography will surely make me an eligible candidate to work with you as a photography assistant.

It would be a great pleasure to take some lessons from you in photography while working with you. I have good knowledge of the lenses and cameras with an experience of 2 years as a photographer with RR Times. I love to take challenges and show creativity in my work. I can also undertake additional responsibilities like preparing for photo shoots, selecting shoot locations, etc.

I have enclosed my resume along with some of my photographs. If you find that I am skilled and talented to work as an assistant with you then please feel free to call me at the above mentioned contact details.

Thank you for your consideration. Waiting eagerly for your reply.

Sincerely yours,
Ana Robert


  • Resume
  • Sample photographs

Sample Photography Assistant Cover Letter (2)

William Canon
324 River Dale Street
San Antigo
Texas - 73883
Phone no.: (993)-829-8397
E-mail correspondence:

Date: August 10, 2011

Karen Nelson
D&G News Channel
San Antigo
Texas - 38300

Subject: Application for the position of photography assistant

Dear Karen,

In reference to the advertisement flashing in your news channel yesterday i.e. August 9, 2011, I would like to apply for the position of photography assistant in your news channel. I have 1 year in the same field and am aware of the risks involved in this job. I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your review.

I am comfortable working in shifts and could work under different circumstances and in different locations as per the requirement. I am well-versed with the technicalities of photography and can do editing of the taken shoots. I would also be comfortable in taking any additional responsibilities whenever necessary.

I would like to have a personal discussion with you regarding this position to understand your requirements. I can come down for an interview as per your convenience. Please do call me on the above mentioned contact details.

Thank you.

William Canon

Hope you find the above two photography assistant cover letter samples helpful in drafting an appealing cover letter. If you have any difficulty while writing your cover letter, feel free to get in touch with me.

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